Five Important Points to Remember About Purchasing a Wig

When helping a client choose a wig, we like to remind them to keep a few factors in mind. Here are five tips on purchasing a wig that will leave you looking and feeling good:

  1. Decide what type of wig you want. As we said before, there are benefits to both synthetic and human hair wigs. You, the client, need to decide what fits better with your lifestyle. Owning a wig should be easy and improve your life.
  2. Make sure it fits you. A wig should feel comfortable and sit just right. When trying on different ones, remember that it should be secure enough to stay still, but not so tight that it makes your head hurt after several hours of wear.
  3. Compare different colors and styles. This will be something you wear every day, so make sure you love the color and style of the wig. Try the wig on, look in the mirror, try it on in different light setting or take pictures. Make certain you really like the look, color and how it fits your facial structure. Whether you choose a wig like your original hairstyle or one that has a completely different look, make sure you are happy with the final result.
  4. Have a backup. As we stated before, wigs do need regular cleaning, no matter the time. It’s important to have a second wig on hand while the other is cleaned, or in case the wig gets lost or damaged.
  5. Know how to care for it. We only sell wigs of the highest quality, but cleaning is important to ensure the wig lasts. Ask for more information on the best way to clean and maintain your wig.