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Disaster At The Wig Store

I want to tell you about a great experience I had with wigs at home. I never thought I would feel good again because of the way I looked, but thanks to the wigs at home company I do.

Before I called them I went to a wig store and purchased a wig I felt uncomfortable with just to have something to cover my head. It didn’t suit me at all and it was uncomfortable to wear. The wig store would not exchange it or refund my money. The oncologist I was using recommended I call wigs at home. He mentioned that other patients of his had success with this company, so I called.

The appointment took place in the more familiar, comfortable surroundings of my own home. Allowing me this privacy was so much more relaxing and enjoyable compared to the disaster from the wig store. He listened to my concerns and feelings. We shared stories of what I was going through and some personal stories of his own.  I felt confident in his recommendations, the style, color and quality were every thing he said they would be.

My friends asked me if I had gone to a new hairdresser, they  have never seen my hair look so good. Everyone in my family loves the way I look but most of all they love the smile on my face because I love the way I look.

Thank you again,

– M. Romano

Happy With My Wig

Dear Stephen,

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my wig. You made me feel very comfortable with my choice, we both agreed it seemed to me to be a bit youngish. The wig we chose had straight hair and my natural hair was curly. After I put it on I was told I did look ten years younger as you said I would. My children and husband loved the new me.

I’ve received so many compliments on my look, no one realized it was a wig. The funniest comment was from an oncologist who thought I had gotten a make-over, imagine that. We shared a laugh as I told him it was a wig, of all people he should have known.

Thank you 

– C. Raeken

My Appreciation

I thought I would drop you a note to express my appreciation. I really loved the fact that you came to my house for a consultation and fitting instead of me sitting in some wig store.

I found you and your employees to be very compassionate and caring. After our conversation you selected the best style and color to match my own hair. Your professionalism and punctuality was refreshing. No one is aware that I am wearing a wig! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


– J. Fischetti

Just What I Needed

Dear Stephen

Thank you ever so much for the lovely wig. Its really beautiful and just what I need at this stage of my recovery.

I appreciate all your kindness in my time of need, especially the effort you put into getting the right wig for my shape face. I know god will bless you for act of compassion.

– Jeannie

Incredible Experience

Dear Stephen,

My occurrence with you and your company, Wigs at Home, was a surprisingly incredible experience. You made this much more enjoyable compared to visiting a wig store. I had gone to see or spoken to some of  the store front wig shops but I felt much more comfortable having you come to visit me at my house. You actually listened to my concerns and the way I was feeling. You understood how I wanted to look. There was no high pressure sales pitch as there was in the wig shops. We had a calm honest exchange of ideas.

The wig style and color you recommended for me was perfect and It looks great. Everyone,  my family and friends loves the way I look. Most of all, I love the way I look and feel now and at this stage in my life that’s very important.

Thank you again,

– I. Stein

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