Find The Perfect Look For You

Chemotherapy is a difficult time in a cancer patient’s life. Losing all your hair is just another thing to worry about while you’re trying to stay strong. This is what has inspired Wigs at Home from the start. Here are a few expert tips from us about purchasing your first wig.

If you would rather have a wig that looks like your natural hair color, it’s important to remember to see a wig specialist about two to four weeks before you start treatment. This way, you can compare the wig to your own hair and make sure it looks similar in both color and style.

There are two types of wigs: synthetic and human hair. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. A human hair wig is very light and comfortable, but is more expensive. They start around $800 and require more effort to maintain. If you’re a little handy with your hair, you can clean it and style it yourself.  In case you’re not handy with hair, we suggest having a second wig on hand to wear while the other is being cleaned by a professional.

A synthetic wig is not as expensive and usually starts around $425. They can easily be cleaned at home. Though they are not as light as human hair wigs, they are still comfortable and look very natural.

Both types of wigs look beautiful on, so it’s really a matter of preference and comfort. Most of our clients prefer a wig that looks like their old hairstyle, but a few look at it as a chance to try out a new look. After we helped one of our clients find a wig, she said, “I’ve received so many complements on my look, no one realized it was a wig. The funniest comment was from an oncologist who thought I had gotten a makeover- imagine that!”

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